High Salary Courses After 12th Science in India 2024

High Salary Courses: Once after finish the 12th, students enter into the second phase of learning or a more advanced phase of learning which they have to choose carefully. Depending on the student’s ability and interest in the subjects, they can opt for which course to choose after 12th to build their career in the future.

The field of science is further divided into two streams – Medical and non-medical. The non-medical field known as PCM consists of three major subjects including Mathematics, Physics, and chemistry while the Medical field PCB includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their major subjects.

These days, students and parents consider choosing their course from a financial angle which is fine. Thus students like to choose such a career that has a high salary that fulfills their needs in the future. Below are some of the lists of top High Salary Courses After the 12th Science.


High Salary courses after 12th Science PCM

1. Engineering Courses

Engineering is one of the most demanding industries that are pursued by the students after 12th Science. Due to the many streams and diversified specializations available in the field of engineering, students choose this as their major course after 12th standard. This field also never fails to allure students and is known to have lucrative career opportunities for those who opt for this.

There are many streams and specialized branches in the engineering field including Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Biotechnology, Nano-technology, petroleum, Agricultural engineering, Food technology, Genetic Engineering and IT are the prominent branches that are offered by many universities across the world.

Before entering into the course, the candidates have to appear in certain entrance examinations for admission to engineering courses in the universities. State-level examinations are also conducted which fetch the candidate to opt for the best university based on their marks.

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Other streams of engineering are available in some major universities where there are better facilities and infrastructure when compared to those of the regular one and these include – Aerospace, Automation Engineering, Fire and Safety Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Highway Engineering, etc. The duration of the above courses remains the same throughout the world and over various countries i.e. 4 years where they learn all the details required for the completion of the course. This is considered to be the best professional course after the 12th.

There are also options for these courses to study overseas for which candidates have to clear proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE and have to satisfy the eligibility criteria which are again based on the universities. The salary of these professionals after finishing their degree would be approximately 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs.

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2. Architecture Courses

With the rapid increase in urbanization throughout the world, the demand among students to choose the field of architecture is in high demand.

This is one of the best courses for students after the 12th standard with a high salary program once after finishing the degree. Out of highly paid courses, Architecture is the top degree program that receives numerous enrolments annually.

The courses and the theory knowledge equip the candidates with the skills required to build designs for malls, hospitals, and other infrastructure buildings across the globe. The duration of the course is 5 five-year undergraduate program which is offered by many top universities across the globe.

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The basic salary after pursuing the course ranges from 40 Lakhs to 50 lakhs. The course also requires certain entrance examinations which are conducted by many universities and the candidates have to clear them before getting admission into the university.

3. B.Sc. Computer Science

Computer science is the best stream pursued by many candidates after 12th standard who have selected computer science with Physics and Chemistry as their major subjects in their higher secondary school.

The program teaches complete knowledge about computer science to the candidates who are choosing it and the curriculums impart knowledge like C++, Java, Database systems, MS Office, dot net, Oracle, CCNA, etc. and thus equip them with the technical skills required to further build their career in the field of computers. The graduates after the degree earn a salary from the range of 8 lakhs to 25 lakhs per annum.

4. Commercial Pilot

The commercial pilot program is another popular and most pursued course by students after finishing the 12th standard. There are various options for the completion of pilot courses available for the candidates who have the query of what to do after the 12th.

Throughout the globe, the aviation sector has gained tremendous development and thus there is a demand for pilots who have complete knowledge about the stream.

The program is offered by many universities across the globe and candidates have to clear certain examinations before getting admission to the universities.

The average salary for commercial pilots abroad ranges between 40 lakhs to 60 lakhs and it can go up to 90 lakhs based on the demand and with further training options.

5. Navy Courses

Merchant Navy courses are the best course for those who want to pursue after the 12th and the terms like higher pay, better life, and great comfort associated with the Navy program.

The field always attracts young men and women as it fulfills the dream of young hearts to live in sea life and to drive the bigger ships.

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The program offers job profiles including marine engineers, captains, navigation in-charge, electro-technicians, officers, etc., and thus the salary ranges according to the designation you choose.

Interested candidates have to pass a certain entrance examination conducted by the universities and there are also specialized universities that have a structure to offer this course.

The candidates once they cleared the examination have to choose B.E. or B.Tech. Marine Engineering from recognized universities or colleges and physical fitness are also considered in the recruitment of the candidate for the job.

6. Management

Management is one of the highest-paid jobs in the field of engineering. The students opt for this as this involves managing the companies and having the opportunity to start their businesses.

The stream involves learning how to regulate and maintain the overall functions and administration of an organization. This field is preferable among the candidates who have completed their 12th standard and would like to get more pay.

The course also provides candidates with knowledge about how to face challenges and gain respectful positions in the corporate environment. The program has various disciplines and specializations which have global opportunities.

The stream provides various job profiles once after completion including marketing management, operation management, retail management, Finance management, human resource management, international business management, and event management based on the interest of the candidates. Accordingly, the salary ranges from 8 lakhs to 15 lakhs.

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