IIT JAM 2024 Syllabus PDF Download

IIT JAM 2024: The Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Admission Test (IIT JAM) is an entrance exam conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) for admission to M.Sc, Joint M.Sc-PhD, M.Sc-PhD dual degree, and other Post Bachelor’s Degree Programs in science at the IITs and Integrated Ph.D. degree programs in certain scientific and technological fields at the IITs.

IIT JAM 2024

The IIT JAM exam is held annually, typically in the month of February, and covers seven different subject areas: Economics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, and Physics.

The Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Admission Test (IIT JAM) exam pattern consists of a single paper of three hours duration, divided into three sections. The details of the exam pattern are as follows:

  • Section A: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – This section contains 30 questions, each carrying 1 or 2 marks.
  • Section B: Multiple Select Questions (MSQs) – This section contains 10 questions each carrying 2 marks
  • Section C: Numerical Answer Type (NAT) – This section contains 20 questions, each carrying 1 or 2 marks.

The total marks for the exam are 100 and there is a negative marking of 1/3rd for each wrong answer in MCQs and for each wrong digit in NAT question.

The exam is conducted online mode and the questions are in English. The IIT JAM 2024 result will be based on the total marks obtained in the examination. After the result declaration, the qualified candidates will be eligible to participate in the counseling process.


IIT JAM 2024 Syllabus

The syllabus for the IIT JAM exam is based on the curriculum of the Bachelor’s degree in the relevant science subject. The topics covered in the IIT JAM exam syllabus include:

  1. Economics: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics for Economics, Indian Economy, and Mathematics for Economics
  2. Biotechnology: Physics, Chemistry Mathematics, and Biology of (10+ 2+3) level
  3. Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry.
  4. Geology: The Planet Earth, Structural Geology, Paleontology, Mineralogy, Stratigraphy, Petrology, Geomorphology, Economic Geology, and Applied Geology.
  5. Mathematics: Real Analysis, Algebra, Multivariable Calculus & Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra
  6. Mathematical Statistics: Mathematics, Probability, and Statistics
  7. Physics: Classical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Oscillations, Wave & Optics, Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Modern Physics, Solid State Physics, Devices, and Electronics.
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The IIT JAM 2024 exam is considered to be quite competitive and is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of advanced scientific concepts.

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Download IIT JAM 2024 Syllabus PDF

Download the detailed IIT JAM 2024 Syllabus from below:

S. No.SubjectDownload PDF
01. 》IIT JAM Physics SyllabusClick Here
02. 》IIT JAM Chemistry SyllabusClick Here
03. 》IIT JAM Economics SyllabusClick Here
04. 》IIT JAM Geology SyllabusClick Here
05. 》IIT JAM Mathematics SyllabusClick Here
06. 》IIT JAM Biotechnology SyllabusClick Here
07. 》IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics SyllabusClick Here
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How do I prepare for IIT JAM 2024?

Preparing for the Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Admission Test (IIT JAM) requires a combination of good study habits and a solid knowledge of the exam format and syllabus. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the IIT JAM 2024:

  1. Understand the syllabus and exam format: Introduce yourself to the syllabus and the format of the IIT JAM exam. Make sure you understand the types of questions that will be asked, and the weightage given to each topic.
  2. Make a study plan: Create a schedule that balances your study time and practice time. Make sure to allocate enough time for each subject and stick to the schedule.
  3. Use study materials: Use the recommended books and study materials for the IIT JAM exam. These materials are designed to help you prepare for the exam and will provide you with a good foundation for your studies.
  4. Practice with past papers: Solving previous year’s question papers will give you an idea of the level of difficulty of the exam and help you understand how to approach the questions.
  5. Take mock tests: Take mock tests under exam conditions to help you get used to the format of the exam and to identify any areas where you need to improve.
  6. Join a coaching institute: Joining a coaching institute can be beneficial as it provides you with the right guidance, study material, and an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.
  7. Stay motivated and focused: Preparing for an exam can be challenging, but staying motivated and focused will help you make the most of your time and efforts.
  8. Get enough rest: Make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, and take regular breaks to avoid burnout.
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It’s essential to start preparing for the IIT JAM exam as early as possible. The more time you give yourself, the more prepared you will be. With consistent and dedicated efforts, you will be well on your way to achieving your goal.

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